The Team

Vanessa co-founder of O Yoga, originally from Las Vegas, is happy have found Lyon as her home where  she is now a mamma of 3 sweet girls and an has helped to grow an amazing Yoga community. She was able to see the benifits that Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation brought to her life from a young age, thanks to her Mother. It was during her studies she became more interested in the mind body connection and worked with Buddhist Psychologist Dr. Steve Hayes on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy where Buddhist and Yogic principles are implemented to help those with drug addiction. It was during this experience she knew she wanted to become a Teacher. After many years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga, in 2007 she travelled to India to study  as well as to complete the first of many trainings. She has since continued to study with many mentors and experts in Vinyasa, Yoga Anatomy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Reiki. Vanessa believes Yoga is a powerful tool which helps us grow and find strength from where we are in life. A tool which helps us to learn that our challenges are our greatest teachers. She believes conscious movement is medicine. Her classes are strength based with an aim to be therapeutic, and explore various types of moment, leaving practitioners with tools to implement in any type of Yoga practice as well as in everyday life.


Françoise worked as a Physical Therapist at the Hospices Civils de Lyon, as well asteaching ‘gym suédoise’ to the personnel at the  Faculté Lyon Nord for over a decade. It’s when she moved to the USA she discovered Pilates and became certified in Stott Pilates.

Upon her return to France, she began classes at O Yoga. With hours of practice with Vanessa & Julia, numerous workshops with newfound teachers, she discovered Yoga, and it’s many physical, energetic and spiritual aspects.

This lead her to follow a Teach Training with Amanda Dates in Paris, and we welcomed her as a teacher with us at O Yoga. You will most definitely see her in class, both as a student and teacher at the studio, where she continues her journey to practice, teach and learn.

Rose previously worked as a cartographer before travelling to Asia in hopes to find a new direction in life. The discovery of Vinyasa Yoga gave her a new found passion, which lead to her to Goa to complete her training at the Brahmani School with Julie Martin.

Rose offers a dynamic and creative practice with an emphasis on creating strength and release of fascia through fluid movement, before arriving to a deep and intense relaxation. The breath is a constant link with movement and each sequence with Rose will be a unique experience guided by a theme targeting a specific part of the body or set of postures.






Has always been a yogi, starting from a young age you could always find her doing Yoga poses  – although no one in her family had an asana practice!

In 2013 she found her way to her official first Hatha Yoga class and it was a revalait, it was then she understood that she was a already a Yogini in her heart, though her body didn’t know it yet! She quickly began a regular practice , which came to a pause in 2015 due to personal difficulties, when she then found her way towards the path Yoga Nidra. This practice became her salvation during this chaotic time. She then began her Vinyasa practice as well as a TTC in  Yoga Nidra to share with others this practice, that literally saved her life. In 2019/2020 she completed another TTC in Holistic Vinyasa to refine her personal practice as well as share with others this dynamic discipline.

In parallel Celine is trained in Psychology, is passionate about energetic healing and has been trained in Sound Therapy, is a Master Reiki practitioner and is initiated in different types of energetic healings and has dedicated herself to becoming an eternal student.