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Vinyasa yoga is a discipline using the breath and breathing techniques as an anchor to move from one posture to the next providing a connection to the mind, body and spirit. Once on becomes more familiar with the poses it can be considered as a meditation in movement.

The practice of Vinyasa offers many benefits  including cardiovascular, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and the release of muscular tension and mental stress. The practice builds on intensity and will then slow down and finishes with relaxation and/or meditation.

Vinyasa yoga offers much diversity and creativity. Expect to move, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. The practice can include advanced poses, be very alignment based, can explore spirituality and yoga philosophy, and will depend on the individual instructor.  Students are encouraged to explore their potential, with many modifications offered to adapt to all levels and all bodies.

Power Vinyasa 

The philosophy is much like a Vinyasa class but  is based more on the physical asana, as well as the element of flow, from one posture to another, helping to develop strength, balance and stamina both mentally and physically, allowing the practitioner to modify or challenge themselves as they see fit. All classes end in relaxation to leave you feeling revitalized and renewed.


Pilates is a method that associates strengthening and breath work. It is a postural training working on the reinforcement of the deep core muscles. Through exercises   improving the overall posture and balance of the body, releasing tight muscles and strengthen weaker ones, the spine becomes more supported and aligned. This class is open to all levels, and brings awareness to moving with the breath.


Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the movement and flow of Vinyasa class because it targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised as much in a Vinyasa (more Yang) class. Poses target the hips, pelvis, and lower spine and postures are held anywhere from one to ten minutes.

Vinyasa Chill Out

A slower paced Vinyasa class that allows for longer holds in poses, and more time for stretch and relaxation. The class may be more alignment based or Restorative.


The benefits of Meditation are becoming more and more well known, and ever-so invaluable in our busy lives. Some of these benefits include: stress management, focus, learning to become fully present to oneself and to one’s existence, the release of physical tension, finding inner peace, changing of negative thought patterns, and providing immeasurable well-being on a daily basis through a regular practice, not to mention it helps improve overall brain and neurotransmitter function.

Some examples of themes to be explored in the course are: feelings and emotions, controlling emotions and thoughts, changing reactions and behavior to become more positive and aligned with the Self. 

Align & Flow 

An approach to Vinyasa that emphasizes alignment to observe the effects of your actions and help to move more skillfully. This class cultivates attention to help observe habitual patterns that may be causing tension and weakening of muscles and tissue in the body, as well as learning proper placement and alignment in asana to practice with more body awareness and safety.