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Vidyaa Yoga 
with Cassandra Kish
Saturday 14 October
Workshop in French
Why do we return again and again to things that give us great pleasure? Because they give us pleasure! The downside is that in many cases these things like chocolate cake and nice french wine deliver great taste and a sense of relaxation but they also bring a sense of guilt and possible hangover…
The social belief that things that are 100% good for us must b
e done out of obligation and things that deliver joy come at an expense is just that, a social belief that is not in anyway true.
If we can infuse our yoga practice with Fun, Joy and a sense of success
we would be practicing daily. If we could find a way to move our practice from obligation to something that we can’t wait to do, we would make incredible progress.
Join Cassandra Kish, Parisian based yoga teacher to the stars and many top cooperate executives who has over 30 years of experience
, for a Vidyaa Yoga practice that will push your emotional and physical boundaries and launch you into a whole new level of consciousness…